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Ahh I forgot about this little old wordpress of mine. It’s been what seems like a century since my last post. Its actually only be about four months by the way, but who’s counting (: I also realize that NO ONE ever posts but I suppose I am only doing this for me, to get the bazillion thoughts that are running through my head down. Soooooo as said about two post under this, Twitter has began to become my next addiction. But that’s not my only reason for my lack of wordpressing. Oddly as it seems, I come to realize that my life has gotten rather busy as of late. It was like over night I went of having nothing to do but consume my every wake  with board games and this lovely thing  and doing absolutely nothing, to having barely any few moments of free time. Which got me thinking…  Why is that when things come rushing out of the blue we tend to forget things?? Its one of those issues that I always said would never happen to me. You know I would tell myself I would never allow myself to lose friends or even never to lose that passion for God. But seems I did just that. I would struggle to even fit time for any of that and sadly I really didn’t want to. I was just focused on my “thing”.  Then I realized that my mind had been submerged with nothing but things like my future, looks, boyfriends, and thing that honestly really don’t matter that much. So what do you do when you come to see this is occurring in your life? Well you change it. That’s is what I have been trying to do lately. Focus more on things that have importance like God, and my family, and my friends. So I guess if you are reading this, sorry for the longness by the way haha, I just want to say I’m sorry. I have not been a very good friend lately and hopefully that change real soon. Just Remember I love you all. So until next time stay your incredible selves.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”-Steven Job.



Say what….
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If you have been living under a rock or something and havent heard about Rock the River, Ill help you out alitte: There is going to be tons of phenomenal bands including flyleaf, Kirk Franklin, Red, Skillet, DecembeRadio, and Hawk Nelson. Franklin Grahm is going to bring an incredible word about the gospel each night. Its overall  purpose?? to help bring more young people to Christ. Now just because you may already be a Christan doesn’t mean you just count this out. One thing they need help with is cash. Of course money doesn’t just grow on trees and as a teenager I understand that most of, if not all, the time we dont have a penny to our name but they are in finacial need and simply praying for them could do something great, who knows even better than great. Also they need volunteers and young counslers. they will have classes down at Healing Place at the dates below. If you want more info about Rock the River simply go to this site.

April 23 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
April 24 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
April 25 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The actual showing itself starts down good old Baton Rouge, lucky for us folks and ends up in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  So mark July 18th on your calendars because its garunteed to be slammin. Ill be there, You should be there, and best of all God will be there. what more do you need?…

Wait big foot doesnt exsist!!
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Sorry lovely Bloggers I promise I have not abandoned you, although after saying this I must point out that many people have abandoned their blogs…whats up with that guys?? I shall answer that question that for you, Twitter. One word, one addiction. Im not that good at it, my life is boring [tear tear] not exactly  I just dont know what type in 140 characters… give me more letter stupid site….Yeah.  Anyway if happen to have one check mine out, its up running very slowly i  might add but its up never the less. I wouldnt mind hearing from all of you, and feel free to comment this,. Im starting to feel like a sort of reject, who would want that now haha.

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Me, Nikki, Alicia, and Dee”]Little Makayla [not a Howell haha] Me, Nikki, Alicia, and Dee
Little Makayla [not a Howell haha] Me, Nikki, Alicia, and Dee

..its things like testing and exams that are getting me all nice and nervous and wanting to throw up, sorry for that mental image I just instilled in your head, but things seem to be different lately. Don’t get me wrong school is defiantly hanging up there in my top things to concentrate on but with everything that has been going in my life, and the people’s lives around me, I have been plenty occupied. Between helping to cook fo the Mens Conference Friday and Saturday to practice for my piano recital and getting in excerise I so desperately need, things have been anything but relaxed.Yesterday Alicia finally had her baby shower. It was postponed a week due to her having to go to hospital for her Gallbladder attacks. Well anyone everything was going all nice and dandy. Of course I was pushed into the position of babysitting her friend’s daughter Makayla, though I didn’t mind too much. She was absolutely adorable and besides it was Alicia’s day to celebrate little baby Kade who was on his way [Easter kid!!! Ready for the nephew we need some more boys] Everything was going along fine, that excludeds Alicia’s gallbladder. She started getting incredibly sick and the next thing we know my mom is rushing her as fast she could move her little feet  to the nearest emergency room. Darn that gallbladder! No worries though, she is fine now for the most part besides have to go through surgery and all and being on bed rest until the baby arrives. Afterwards Dee brought Chloe, my unearthly adorable niece, who decided to make her presence very known by non stop crying while I attempted to study and Niiki did everything in her power to get out of cleaner which was of course stuck to me as well, with the help of Daddy of course. i cant all the credit. The study…Yeah didn’t really work but hey that’s what crazy families are for. Entertainment. never a dull moment that’s one thing I can count on. And even though it always chaos I would change it for the world. Until next time, Adios.


So what do you do when your half awake??…
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l_b0d521a3f23242f19d1440502fb15c35… of course! :] Hola my fellow bloggers. So lately life has been interesting to say the least. My oldest sister is living with us for the time being due to some health problems, and if you werent aware of this: Me+My daddyo+My momma+Nikkie+Alica=an endless amounts of entertainment and laughs haha. School? Its has been pretty good I guess. St. Amant definantly keeps you quite busy thats for sure. Never a dull moment. Anyway nothing really that terrific has occured lately, just life. Been constantly moving which I suppose is good thing for us a.d.d people you know, no akward turtle moments…..yeah thats right. Ill be posting when something blogworthy occurs. Until then I guess you will have to deal with all the little thoughts that will be roaming through my head time for time, ahh well.. Love you all. Pass around some hugs for me and stay terrfifc!!


Recent thoughts,
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Hmm so heres some of the quite questions that have been floating around in my head for some time now….. Why does winter always equal sickness? Gosh, Im so tired 0f being ill. I hate just have to sit around and do nothing. Drives a person insane ….Why did Amplified have to been so FANTASTIC? Im starting to kind of miss it right about now…..Why do the beatles have like a thousand great songs? Five are stuck in my memory at the moment….Why do frosted mini wheats have to be so killer delicous? Talk about some cravings. Those things rock! ….And why does summer have to be so far away? So ready for a break and saturate once again. The winter is great for awhile but Im missing me some of that Louisiana sun!! :] Anyway thats about it for the time being. though Im sure more things will be rambled about in later posts. [Bound to happened]


Yeah Everyone have a great day! And make sure to smile at at least one person today. Who knows, it could make there morning that much brighter.

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Ok Yes I know about my lack of posting. Actually I think most of my past posts start off with something like that sentence. But anyway I’m posting now so yeah. Last Wednesday I picked up a book called Wednesday letters at Walmart. Thursday half the book was read and by yesterday I finished it. Why did I read it so fast? Well because its an extremely good book with an extremely good lesson. It tells the story of people that go through hardship, and I mean serious hardships, but learn to love and forgive. Honestly Im not sure if I could do that. In my fifteen years of existence there really hasn’t been that many hardship. Some people had died that I was close toobut I cant really say that I went through too much. I compare my life to some other peoples and it makes me wonder, why cant I forgive like they can? Forgiveness is a pretty simply concept. Its typically defined as ceasing resentment. Most people will give different definitions of it but overall almost ever one at least knows what it is. If that is so, then why is it we cant really seem to grasp it.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
–Mahatma Gandhi

Dear God, I pray that they can make me strong enough to forgive. Forgive the people in my past and the ones that will wrong me in the future. Help to be strong and not resent them for the things they have done but simply love them, with all my heart. That is prayer to you today and hopefully always. For if I don’t forgive how am I to bring people to you.  I love you all of days. And thank you for everything I am and will be blessed with. Amen.